C.O.M.E.T of MATEUS Presents
The Dark Alements Bar & Grill

Open: THURSDAY from 7-10 CST Every week!

C.O.M.E.T does not require customers to pay for food or beverages served. Donations may be taken, but we provide this bar night for the community as a whole.

A Dark Alements Promise:
Our service is ALWAYS--
• Fresh to Order
Never Frozen
Never Tampered With
• Perfect from Kitchen to Table

Salad Menu:

Parsnip Salad:“A salad made with fried Parsnip slices and garnished with a drizzle of fragrant Olive Oil.”Steppe Salad:“In the fashion of the Xaela of the Azim Steppe, this salad is prepped with seasonal tubers (Carrots, Turnips, Daikon) and splashed with a fine Rice Vinegar.”
Morel Salad:“Finely cut La Noscean Lettuce donned with Sesame Seeds, Emerald Beans, and Olive Oil, decorated with finely sauteéd Morel Mushrooms.”Alligator Salad:“Slices of Alligator Pears dressed with Paprika, splashed with Dark Vinegar and Olive Oil.”
Landtrap Salad:“The still-twitching leaves of a Blue Landtrap, drizzled in Olive Oil and capped off with Ruby Tomatoes and Wild Onions.”Hydaelyn Salad:“A specialty of COMET, you won’t find anywhere else! Thavnarian Bell Peppers, New World Mountain Cucumbers, Lalafellan Tomatoes, Garlean Garlic, Dark Vinegar, Ala Mhigan Mustard, Olive Oil, and Ishgardian-Style Crumbed Bread!”

Entreés Menu:

Meat and Cheeses Platter:“A platter of Antelope Bacon, Raptor Shanks, Aldgoat Loin, and Zu Breast, with various cheeses to compliment them--Thavnarian Cheddar, Ishgardian Light, and Illuminati Goblin. Patrons are advised to order this at their own risk.”Meatball Plate:“Cocktrice Meatballs swimming in a tangy Ruby Tomato and Garlean Garlic sauce.”
Fried Pickled Cucumbers:“Freshly picked and pickled cucumbers, dropped in breading and deep fried. Comes with a cool, refreshing cream sauce to compliment the bitter taste of the pickled vegetable. A favorite of Dark Alements founder, Osrich Arkwright.”Cut-Fried Popotoes:“Popotoes, cut into long strips and fried. Lightly salted. Dressed with gravy and cheese curds. A recipe from Old Sharlayan.”
Miso Soup:“A Far Eastern classic. Boiled kelp (formerly dried), and dried fish, mixed with dashi granules and a choice of yellow or red miso paste. The Yellow paste is sweet, while the Red is strong and salty.”  

Meals Menu:

The Priestly Omelette:“ An Omelette topped off with finely chopped Chives, a fistful of Shredded Cheese, and a few Dravanian Mushrooms to truly bring the package together. Comes with traditional Ishgardian dinner rolls and slices of bacon.”The Swimming Stew:“A simple stew, made with various wavekin caught along the Rhotano and Ruby Seas, simmered in a fine broth with Ruby Tomatoes. A rather hearty serving. Served with generous portions of cornbread.”
The Bird in the Hand:“Finely roasted Canard Breast, flavored with two different types of oranges for a sweet and sour flavor. Served upon a bed of Doman Rice, steamed vegetables, and a generous helping of sauce.”The Founder’s Meal:“Medium Rare Aldgoat steak, carefully seasoned. Served with a heaping helping of Mashed Popotoes, topped with cut chives, a handful of shredded cheese, and sprinklings of bacon, and a side of steamed vegetables. ”
The Far Eastern Fling:“A filling, Far Eastern themed meal. Begins with a bowl of Oden, a soup of mixed vegetables, meats, and seafood left for many days to simmer. Served with a pair of Futo-maki rolls, a heaping helping of Doman Rice, and a serving of Pork Kakuni.”  

Dessert Menu:

Apple Strudel:“A fluffy cinnamon strudel with apple filling, traditionally served in Ishgard.”Sohm Al Tart:“A delicate maple-flavored cake decorated in the likeness of Sohm Al, the sacred Dravanian Mountain, complete with a molten chocolate core and a generous helping of whipped cream.”
Fig Bavarois:“An Old World Fig made into a tart gelatin. Gently topped with vanilla bean, and served with freshly mulled figs.”Pineapple Ponzecake:“A deliciously sweet, wonderfully tart cake flavored by pineapples. To the dismay of many, the slice does not weigh one ponze.”
Sweet Rice Cake:“A layered, dense rice cake, flavored with lemon and lime. Incredibly sticky.”Rolanberry Cheesecake:“Incredibly rich cheesecake, made with fresh rolanberries. So rich and so pale, it’s like you’re consuming a wealthy Ishgardian.”

Drinks Menu:

Fresh Juice (Apple, Orange, Pineapple)Lemonade (Traditional, Lime, Pink)Fresh-Brewed Tea (Green, Chamomile, Ishgardian, Thavnarian, Chai, Black)Thavnarian Coffee (Creamed Coffee, Chocolate Coffee, Blackened Coffee)
Water (Wet)Milk (Regular, Chocolate)Freshly Made Cider (Apple, Pear, Honey)Hot Chocolate (Regular, Mint, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate)
Lominsan AleThanalan WhiskeyGridanian StoutLocally Sourced Sake
Ishgardian Warden's BeerThavnarian SpiritsNew World MoonshineTraditional Xaela Kumis
Locally stored Wine (Red, White, Rosé, Mulled)The House Special (See Bartender for details)Special Winner's Drinks 


A series of six incredibly potent drinks that will test your mettle! Winners of this challenge will get their own drinks named after them, and be enshrined on this page for all time!


May those who have triumphed live forever within these magnificent, custom-tailored drinks!

(These may be ordered on request.)

Drink NameWinner - Free Company, ServerDate of Victory
"The Sanguine Song"Mari Thorne - COMET, Mateus11-21-2017
"The Fang of the Iris"Ayame Kiba - Mateus12-10-2017
"The Kagegami’s Coil"Kurai Tsukinotenshi - LOCO, Mateus01-07-2018
"The Magefire"Pepper Altana - VOODOO, Mateus04-24-2018
"The Kitty Titty"Isa'sae Ormendahl - COMET, Mateus09-05-2018
"Eos & Selene"Aetos Irphayu -- COMET, Mateus04-18-2019
"Magitech Bomb"Akinla Ranthal -- STEAM, Mateus04-27-2019
"The Last Stand"Molly Highlander -- THORN, Mateus04-27-2019
"The Khit Special"Kiht Chelewae --TORCH, Mateus04-27-2019